Low Carb Dishes AT SHARMA

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Low Carb Dishes Selection To Choose From

Just because you’re watching your waistline, it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy dining out with friends and family. It’s a common misconception that Indian food is full of fat and calories; this is not necessarily the case. At Sharma, we have several low fat, low carb dishes Indian food options as well as our healthy Mediterranean and Arabian dishes.

Lean Meat – Low Carb & High Protein Dishes

If you’re looking for protein rich meals then our meat selections are perfect. In particular, the tandoori dishes are cooked in a tandoor oven without oil and are therefore very low in fat. We use only the best quality cuts of lean meat so these are much less fatty than lesser quality food. Our grills are best, as these are cooked in the most healthy way and don’t contain thick sauces like some of our more indulgent dishes.

For example, Koftah Mashweya, Dajaj Mashwe and Shish Kebab are all very healthy charcoal grilled meat dishes. Some of our tandoori meats are marinated in yoghurt, however this is a small amount and is naturally occurring fat rather than saturated fats; of course a little fat in your diet makes for a healthy balance.

For more substantial main meals, have a look at our Petto Di Pollo al Limone – grilled chicken breast marinated in zesty fresh lemon, or our Lahm Burdeem, a lamb shank cooked in a clay oven.

Protein Packed Fish Dishes

In case you’d like to avoid red meat, we have a fantastic fish dish selection to choose from too. The delicious Masala Fish Kebab is nice and spicy; Kuske Bel Hoot is sea bream stew served on couscous, or another option could be the Grilled Sea Bream fillet, cooked with garlic and olive oil.

Low Fat & Low Carb Soups, Healthy Salads And Side Dishes

For an appetiser, or a light lunchtime meal, we have some healthy soups to choose from, including Rasam made with lentils, tomatoes and tamarind, and Harira that is made with fresh herbs and healthy chickpeas that are great for digestion.
We have a great selection of salads too at Sharma, and several low carb side dishes. To accompany your grilled meat, you may opt for plain boiled Basmati rice or the Ruzz Asfar. For salads with healthy oils, try our Tabbouleh or Salatah Lebeeya with the kick of green chillies. Or else you can perhaps opt for our protein-packed Chicken Salad.

And if you need something sweet to finish your meal, you can enjoy our guilt-free Macedonia fruit salad from the dessert menu or for something sugary but low in fat, try one of our sorbets.

The good thing about eating at Sharma is that our menu is designed to share, so this means that you can order one or two indulgent dishes and try a mouthful or two alongside the more healthy dishes. Sharing these dishes at Sharma can lighten the load of calories, whilst at the same time you won’t miss out on any of our rich foods! And if you want to burn some calories, you can always stay and dance along to our live music!

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