HALAL Restaurant In MALTA

Halal Restaurant in Malta

Muslim Population in Malta

Out of the total Maltese population of around 443,000, the Muslim community makes up less than 2%. As a result, finding halal restaurants in Malta can be quite challenging. At our restaurant, we offer halal food options that are loved by people of all religions. While the number of mosques in Malta is limited to just five, we strive to provide a halal food experience that is authentic and true to Muslim traditions.

Halal Takeaway and Delivery Restaurant in Malta

At Sharma, we are one of the few halal food places in Malta that observe Muslim traditions. Our commitment to halal practices extends beyond just our kitchen to our entire restaurant setup. Unlike many other halal places in Malta, we store alcohol and liquor bottles discreetly out of the public eye. Our focus on quality and taste has helped us maintain our reputation as a top choice for halal food in Malta over the past decade. We offer a convenient and safe way to enjoy halal food through our online ordering system, which is available for both delivery and takeaway.

Halal Food in Malta

The word “halal” means “permissible” in Arabic, and refers to food that adheres to Islamic laws as stated in The Holy Quran. At Sharma, we take pride in serving our customers with a wide variety of halal food options in Malta. Our menu features a range of delicious cuisines, including Arabic, Indian, and Mediterranean. We prepare all of our dishes fresh every day, ensuring that every bite is full of flavor. Our Indian buffet, available in-house every Friday and Saturday, is especially popular among the people of Malta. We recommend making a reservation in advance to enjoy the best halal food in Malta with stunning views and exceptional service.

How To Order Halal Food in Malta?

Ordering halal food in Malta has never been easier thanks to Sharma’s online ordering system. You can place an order on our website, or through popular food delivery apps such as Wolt, Bolt, and Time to Eat Malta. If you’re in a rush, you can even pick up your order on your way home from work. Our website provides a hassle-free experience for all of your halal food needs.

Why Choose Sharma?

At Sharma, we pride ourselves on offering an exceptional halal food experience in Malta. While we do not offer dine-in or outdoor seating options, we do offer delicious halal food for takeaway and delivery. Our food is prepared with great care and adheres to Islamic laws as stated in The Holy Quran. With our online ordering system, it’s easy to order and enjoy our wide array of cuisines, including Arabic, Indian, and Mediterranean. Our dishes are freshly prepared every day, ensuring that every bite is savored. Whether you’re ordering food to go or having it delivered to your door, we guarantee a satisfying and delicious meal. Try out Sharma’s goodness today!

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