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Sharma is one of the few halal restaurant in Malta that observes Muslim traditions. This halal practice is observed not only in the kitchen, but also in the restaurant set up where alcohol & liqueur bottles are stored concealed from the public eye, unlike most restaurants which display everything at the bar.

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In Islam, there are certain observations that Muslims must follow to ensuring that they act in a halal way. The word halal is Arabic and means “lawful and permitted”. When the term halal is applied to food, it means that it is acceptable in Islamic law. Food and eating is a significant part of worshipful daily life for Muslims. For that reason, enjoying a meal out can be a challenge if it’s unclear which parts of a menu are likely to be halal. In order for a food to be definitively considered halal, it must be produced, manufactured, processed and stored in a way that follows Islamic law. This includes the type of machines and utensils used around the food, which must be cleansed in a halal way.

The way that meat is produced is very significant. Halal meat can only be obtained from animals that have been slaughtered in a way that follows strict Islamic rules. It’s not just the meat itself that must be halal, but also other animal by-products such as gelatine, and stock.

There are certain foods that are haram (prohibited under Islamic law) that practicing Muslims must not eat. Many of these foods have been prohibited because of their low nutritious value including alcohol and lard. And perhaps the most well known haram food is pork and bacon.

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Sharma Restaurant in St Julians offers a varied menu of classic Indian, Arabian and Mediterranean halal dishes for takeaway and delivery only. Our restaurant is completely pork-free, with halal-trained chefs and a kitchen that adheres to halal practices. We carefully select suppliers to ensure all our food products are halal. Although we do not offer dine-in services, our guests can enjoy the opportunity to order a range of different world cuisines under one roof. Our ethnic cuisine also includes some classic dishes that you’d expect to find in any good restaurant in Malta.
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Our restaurant is dedicated to providing the best takeaway and delivery experience for our customers. As a fully halal-certified establishment, we are proud to offer a wide variety of food choices that cater to everyone’s taste buds.
For those who crave classic Indian curries, our menu has everything from chicken tikka masala to lamb rogan josh. Accompanied by freshly made sides such as pakoras, poppadums, and a variety of dips, your meal is sure to satisfy your cravings for authentic Indian food.
For those who are looking for something more exotic, our Ratshdat Kuskas is a must-try. This delicious halal lamb stew is flavoured with Arabian spices and served on a bed of our freshly-made pasta. It’s a perfect option for someone who wants to try something new.
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