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Indian, Arabian & Mediterranean food delivery restaurant in St. Julian's

Sharma Ethnic Cuisines in St. Julian’s

St. Julian’s Best Indian,Arabian & Mediterranean Ethnic Cuisines

food delivery restaurant in Malta. Sharma Ethnic Cuisines brings together three cuisine traditions – Indian, Arabian & Mediterranean. Our vast selection of authentic dishes will accommodate & please all sorts of tastes, without any cuisine restrictions.

In addition, this trio cuisine concept allows people sitting on the same table to experience & share several tempting dishes from completely different ethnic traditions!

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Sharma Ethnic Cuisines

is more about sharing a dining experience, than ordering separate dishes. This encourages interaction on the table – “Did you try this?” “What do you think of this?” “Which one did you enjoy most?” – thus creating a more engaging and gratifying atmosphere."

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Sharma Ethnic Cuisines


Why people choose us as their go to Indian, Arabic and Maltese Restaurant

Prepare for first-class service

Here at Sharma, we ensure quality, customer satisfaction and variety; providing a range of Indian cuisine as well as a range of Arabic cuisine, including Tunisian, Egyptian and Moroccan cuisine all from within Malta! Not to mention our wide variety of traditional Maltese food.

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In case you would like to enjoy our dishes in the comfort of your home, we offer take-away or home delivery!

Fresh Ingredient, Tasty Meals

Quality is the heart

At Sharma we try to offer something more than just food & drinks, we hope that your time here will be an experience that will stimulate your senses.

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The restaurant knows its origins in Mdina which was opened in December 2011 and moved to Portomaso Marina in St. Julian’s in May 2017.

Sharma’s the perfect place to order all your favourite Indian, Arabic and Mediterranean food

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Get your favourite Arabic, Mediterranean and Indian food delivered straight to your doorstep through our online ordering system and relish the delicacies that this international cuisine has to offer.  With our wide variety of spicy Indian food, our zesty and scrumptious Arabic food and lastly our traditional and locally hand-made Maltese food, you’ll be longing for more. So grab a bite by ordering online.

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