Why Sharma Should Be Your Go-To Restaurant for Takeaway

Why Sharma Should Be Your Go-To Restaurant for Takeaway

for Takeaway

Feeling hungry and looking for a quick, satisfying bite to eat? The best thing that comes to mind is takeout. However, what exactly should your takeout be?

There are numerous options to choose from, fast food, Chinese, and continental; but let’s be honest, you want something filling, something delicious and something exotic. If you’re looking for the best takeaways near you in Malta, Sharma has you covered.

Sharma is the best restaurant in regards to exotic takeaway foods in Malta, with its wide range of Indian, Arabian and mouthwatering Mediterranean cuisine.

Here are a few of the best takeaway food from Sharma munching that you can relish on the go.


One of the remnants of the Arab world left behind in Malta,  Filo pastry pockets stuffed with dates, deep-fried and served with a choice of one scoop of ice cream make for the perfect dessert to take away and satisfy your sweet tooth with.


Want to beat the heat during the summer? From the streets of the Indian Bazaar to your plates in Malta, the Kulfi is the perfect marriage between exotic flavours and icy sweetness that’s sure to help you cool down during the summer heat.

Sharma’s Special Fries

Everyone loves fries, they’re the perfect go-to snack to munch on. However, what is it that makes Sharma’s Fries so special you ask? Boiled potatoes are rolled in breadcrumbs and eggs and then deep-fried to a crispy, golden-brown texture until it reaches perfection.

Couscous Salad

This list would be incomplete without a salad or two, the perfect, light meal to help you keep those pesky calories under control while still enjoying the delicious goodness that you deserve so much. This  Arabian speciality is made when Couscous is mixed with tomatoes, peppers & coriander and served with strips of marinated chicken.

Gulap Jamun

The beloved Indian sweet is a classic amongst dessert enthusiasts and is just too good to pass up. Its compact size and super-sweet flavour make it perfect to take on the go and enjoy.

Chicken Biryani

If you’re looking for something truly exotic and add want to add some spice to your meals, The Chicken Biryani is just what you’re looking for. This subcontinental delicacy is made using the finest Basmati rice, which is cooked with aromatic and zesty Indian spices that give it that extra kick.


To fill all your carnivorous desires, The Arabian Mahshe is the perfect fit. Marrows stuffed with minced beef, rice, onions & fresh herbs, baked in the oven to perfection make for the perfect, meaty meal to takeaway and devour.


To sum it up, Sharma makes for the best place to get all takeaway from. Whether that be exotic Indian, mouthwatering Mediterranean or relishing Arabian cuisine. Sharma features some of the best food to takeaway on the go and devour.

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