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St.Julian’s Feast In Malta – August 2018

If you’re in Malta at the end of August, you must stick around and check out the annual village feast of St. Julian’s. It falls on the last weekend of August and there really is no escaping it; it’s the biggest feast on the island. The roads close, the streets become colorfully decorated, the lamp posts are ornamented with vibrant lights and the stalls are filled with treats that should not be missed.

Food, Food & More Food
You will be spoilt for choice at the feast as the streets are covered in food stalls offering everything from donuts and candy floss to ice-creams and imqaret (a delicious pastry filled with dates). Honey rings and traditional homemade nougats are also extremely popular among the locals. Have a taste of everything, you won’t regret it!

St. Julian’s feast isn’t just about the tasty foods, it’s about the whole community coming together to have fun and get involved. The game of Gostra is the much-anticipated highlight of the weekend and takes place late afternoon on Sunday. Men from all over Malta compete with each other to climb up a slanted pole slathered in grease and snatch a flag at the end. Whoever manages to remove the flag from its place is crowned the hero of the day. The pole is stretched out over the water and most competitors take a run up to it, to give themselves a better chance of reaching the end, with some hilarious results when it all goes wrong. Dating back to the middle ages, this is a traditional game that everyone enjoys, whether you’re taking part or simply watching.

Festive Fireworks
On the last night of St. Julian’s village feast, a spectacular firework display is held, along with a local band performing music around the streets. For the best views, it’s a good idea to head to Spinola Bay or the Independence Gardens to watch the entertaining explosion of color, firecrackers and loud petards. Not only that, you’ll also get to experience the amazing spectacle that is ‘cikcifogu,’ a traditional floor level display of fire-workmanship.
St. Julian’s Village Feast is the perfect event for spending time with your family and friends, having a laugh, eating scrumptious food and enjoying the stalls, music and activities.

Unwind At Sharma Restaurant
Sharma restaurant is within walking distance of the main activities of the event and is the perfect place to head to for an evening meal once you’ve enjoyed enough of the hustle and bustle of the feast, or to fill yourself up for lunch before going on to enjoy the festivities. Our beautiful sun terrace allows you to eat outside and enjoy the stunning and peaceful views of the marina opposite, and we also have live entertainment all year round in the evening for you to enjoy during your dinner with us.

We are open from 12pm-12am and have a multi-cultural menu available to suit your appetite – from sharing platters to 3 course meals. And if you feel like heading back to your hotel or home after the annual feast, we offer take-away and home delivery options too, so you could always enjoy one of our delicious meals in the comfort of your own environment!

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