Sharma Restaurant Serves Vegan & Vegetarian Options

At Sharma we are delighted to be able to offer a versatile menu to suit different dietary needs, meaning that everyone can enjoy our delicious Indian, Arabian and Mediterranean food. We have some specially created vegan and vegetarian dishes full of flavour. As you read through our Sharma Menu, you’ll notice that there are dishes marked with a green ‘V’ symbol, which shows you they are vegetarian dishes. Many of – but not all – of the vegetarian dishes will be vegan, however if you’re unsure best if you ask your server to double-check.

Sharma’s Indian Vegetarian & Vegan Dishes

All of our Indian starters, except the chicken wings, are vegetarian. Some items made with batter will include eggs in the mix. Amongst our curry main dishes, the Vegetable Curry, Aloo Gope, Vegetable Biryani and all of the rice dishes, are entirely vegan.

Arabian Specialties That Are Also Vegetarian Or Vegan

Our delicious dips and bread are vegan. So is our falafel, and so are both the Rasam and Aloo flavoursome soups. Our rice, vegetable and potato Arabian side dishes, are meat and dairy free too.

Mediterranean Vegetarian & Vegan Food Served At Sharma

Tabooleh salad is a great side dish and is simply made with fresh herbs, bulgar wheat, tomatoes, spring onions and oil with lemon. We have some wonderful Agghiata Trapanisa pesto pasta packed full of flavour. The Ravioli dish is also vegetarian, but it does contain cheese.

Sharma’s Gluten-Free Food Dishes

Most of the items on our menu are gluten-free, including deep fried items that contain batter, because at Sharma we mainly use chick-pea flour in our recipes. However, we do recommend that you inform the server that you are looking for gluten-free choices when you make your order, to be on the safe side. Also, bear in mind that normal flour is used in our kitchen; hence some items may be contaminated with normal flour which is not entirely safe for coeliacs.

Gluten-Free Indian Dishes At Sharma

We have a good selection of Indian starters that are gluten free, including some classic favourites – our Vegetable Pakora, Chicken Wings, Paneer Pakora, and Onion Bhajis are all gluten-free.

All of the Sharma curry dishes and rice sides are completely gluten free, as are our tandooris. Unfortunately our special naan bread does contain gluten. However at Sharma we bake our own fresh bread with gluten-free flour! This gluten-free bread is baked in the tandoori oven (that we also use for our naan bread) so obviously there could be some slight contamination from normal flour.

Gluten-Free Arabian Food Options at Sharma

Our Arabian starters Dolmah and Mahshe are both gluten-free. Dolmah is a delicious creation of stuffed vine leaves filled with a mix of rice and spiced meat. Mahshe is marrow stuffed with minced beef, rice and vegetables baked in the oven. Both are very satisfying and ideal for sharing.

The good news about our Arabian main courses is that all dishes except Couscous and Ratshdat Kuskas are gluten-free, so you will have plenty of choice from our menu.

Gluten-Free Mediterranean Food At Sharma

Our pretty-named Purpu Frittu is currently the sole gluten-free choice from our menu of Mediterranean starters. However for our mains, everything on the Mediterranean menu is gluten-free, except the Bragjoli and the Sharma Special fries.

When you visit Sharma for takeaway, if you have any special dietary requirements, ideally you let us before you order, so that we let you know which dishes may be suitable for you or can be adapted for your needs.

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