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A trip to Sharma is an exploration of tastes from around the world with our menu offering freshly created Indian, Arabian and Mediterranean dishes. We have a lot of regular customers who love to return to us and eat their favourites, and we have a lot of recommendations from past visitors for ‘must try’ dishes. Here are the 5 most popular choices from our Sharma menu:

1. Sharma Chicken Tikka Masala

This classic Indian dish is very popular in our restaurant as well as with our take-away customers. Our TripAdvisor reviewers sing the praises of our Indian food and have even described us as “The best Indian restaurant in Malta”. “The food at Sharma was delicious. One of the best naans and chicken tikka masala I had!” Our Masala is cooked using traditional methods but with our own special touch to the spices, and is cooked in a mild thick sauce, which is perfect for soaking up with rice and naan bread.

2. Chicken Korma

Our chicken Korma is our mildest curry on our menu of Indian dishes with slight hints of onion and garlic. You can always try a little spice alongside with our Indian side dishes, like the Pakora or Bonda, if you want to mix things up a little. Our meat is wonderfully tender, having been slow cooked and soaked in the flavours of this classic curry dish.

3. Dips Platter

Because Sharma is a great place to visit with friends and family to share dishes, our dips platter is very popular. It’s the perfect introduction to the rest of the menu, featuring four flavours from our homemade dips menu with our freshly baked homemade flatbread. The platter serves two people and includes Salatah Mashweya made with grilled vegetables and spices, Baba Ghannoush made with eggplant, Hummus made with chickpeas and lemon, and an exciting garlic dip made from fresh cloves.

4. Slow Simmered Lamb Tagine

Tagine is a very popular Moroccan dish, cooked in the instantly recognisable terracotta stew pots. Our lamb tagine is packed full of flavours from fresh herbs and spices, slow-simmered to perfection. The result is a sweet and subtly spiced delicious dish of heart-warming casserole to be enjoyed with good company and good conversation. You could order a couscous dish or some rice to accompany our tagine, and we definitely recommend some bread to dip in. It’s worth noting that our tagines take time to perfect, so leave 40 minutes spare to catch up with your dining partners perhaps over a starter platter while you wait.

5. Couscous

Our couscous dishes work very well with any of our grills, and our meats and stew selection; they are ideal for sharing, especially if you have chosen a few dishes to try between your group, so that you can try a range of meats. Yet a couscous dish is a main meal on its own too. Our Kuskse bel bosla, Kuskse bel khudra and Kuskse bel hoot are all infused with sumptuous Arabian spices with lamb, chicken or sea bream, and the chicken and lamb dishes include beautifully cooked vegetables and chickpeas to add to the collection of textures.

We’d love to know which dishes are your favourite when you come to visit us; will you try the same again or something different each time?

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