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A Guide On How To Order Food At Sharma

A meal at Sharma is an experience like no other. We try to make the dining session as sociable as possible and not just about food per se, allowing you time to catch up on conversation whilst at the same time enjoying your meal; it is more of an experience, where you can try a combination of different foods from around the world in our warm ethnic-decorated setting, besides enjoying the company of friends, family or loved ones. If you visit Sharma in the evening you can also enjoy some live music which will add on, on making your night a memorable one, rather than just an ordinary meal.
If it’s your first time visiting us, it may be helpful for you to read about our portion sizes and dishes that will compliment each other, to make sure that you leave feeling satisfied, not over-stuffed!

Ordering Starters For Two!

The choice of starters depends mostly on your appetite. The options are the following:

You can either order a dips platter served with fresh homemade bread. Especially if you are not feeling very hungry, this should be more than enough for a light bite before the main course.
You can choose one to two starters to share (kindly note that each Indian starter has four pieces). If you want to keep it light, but would rather nibble on different things, than this is the way to go! We recommend the following options to choose from: Paneer Pakora, Samosa, Bonda and Poppadums of course!
If both of you are feeling famished, then you can order one of our platters which consist of four different items, with two pieces of each item – making it perfect to share between two, plus it is a more cost-effective way of sharing. We have a choice of platters to choose from – an Indian platter, an Arabian platter and also a Mixed platter.

Ordering Main Course For Two!

A main course for two usually consists of:

 1 to 2 Curry Dishes
 1 Tandoori Dish
 1 portion Rice
 1 portion Naan Bread

Our main courses are designed for sharing. If we had to recommend the ideal portion size for two persons, we would suggest choosing one or two Curry Dishes, plus a Tandoori Dish. In addition, we also recommend ordering one portion of Rice and one portion of Naan Bread to share, as this would make the perfect accompaniment to the Curries and Tandoori meat!

Also, in case you opted for no starters earlier, then it would be best to order two Rice portions and two Naan Bread portions.
Curries can be selected in a range of different meats such as Chicken, Lamb or Beef. We also serve Fish Curry options including Prawn, King Prawn or Dogfish. Vegetarian Curry dishes are available as well.

All of our Curries can be ordered to suit your taste. In fact you can specify how spicy you’d like your curry to be – mild, medium hot, hot, or very hot for the brave! If you love hot spicy food but your partner’s not so sure, then order one hot dish and one mild dish so that they can have a try without having to commit to a whole plate full of heat.

Larger Groups Of Six Or More – A Feast Of Food!

Visiting Sharma as a large group of six or more people will give you the advantage of being able to try a full variety of our dishes with our ‘Seated Buffet Menu’. There is no need to stress on what dishes to choose, and how many dishes would be enough to satisfy everyone, as we have already created a varied set menu (this option is available for groups of six or more persons); we will put everything out on the table for you to share and trust us there will be enough food for everyone. It is literally a feast of food!

Our ‘Seated Buffet Menu’ consists of:

 4 different dips with flatbread
 4 different starters
 2 curry dishes, or more, depending on the size of your group
 A tandoori platter with 3 different types of meat
 Rice to share
 Naan to share

Time For Dessert?

In general guests at Sharma end up skipping dessert as they are too full from the previous courses. However, for those with a sweet tooth we recommend finishing off your meal with a small portion of refreshing sorbet or ice-cream (we have a range of flavours to choose from). Or you may prefer to try an Indian treat of Gulap Jamun fried in sugar syrup, which is the perfect accompaniment to coffee.

Whoever you visit with, we hope that you enjoy your meal and we will happily give you our advice to help you choose the right dishes for your taste.

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