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Sharma’s Selection Of Delicious Ethnic Desserts

Our dessert menu is provided to finish your three-course meal at Sharma with something sweet. Just like our main courses, the Sharma dessert menu is a selection of ethnic treats from around the world.

Indian Desserts At Sharma

We have three choices of Indian desserts at Sharma. The first is Kulfi Malai, a special Indian ice-cream with an amazing texture, made from thick, sweetened milk. If you like standard ice-cream, you will definitely enjoy this delicious, creamy dessert.

The second is Gulap Jamun, a very popular Indian treat made from soft milky dough with a touch of saffron, and fried in sugar syrup for a sweet, crispy coating.

The third Indian dessert on our menu is Gajar Halwa, a sweet baked carrot and milk pudding that can be served hot or cold. It is mainly made from carrots and milk, and it also contains nuts.

Arabian Desserts At Sharma

The Arabian desserts that we serve are crispy, crunchy and packed full of flavour! The mixture of Oriental Sweets includes Baklava, which is very popular in Turkey and Greece too, so it’s no wonder it made its way to Malta. Baklava originates from the indulgent Ottoman Empire and has links to Ramadan as a celebratory treat. If you haven’t tried Baklava before, then you really should, especially if you love honey and nuts as there is a wonderful selection of honey soaked pasty and pistachio flavours within our platter. In addition to the honey, some Baklava is also soaked in rose water or orange flower water – we encourage you to try it and see how many flavours you can sense.

Or else, try the Basbousa , a sweet semolina cake that’s drenched in light syrup and topped with crunchy almonds, with a sprinkle of coconut, finished off with chocolate syrup – the Basbousa will definitely satisfy any sweet tooth!

Mediterranean Desserts At Sharma

Our Mediterranean dessert selection includes dishes that are likely to suit every taste. You can either choose from a Macedonia fresh fruit salad with locally sourced in-season fruits, or from a selection of Ice-Creams and Sorbets, for a light dessert to finish your meal at Sharma.

But the most popular Mediterranean dessert at Sharma is the Imqaret – Malta’s favourite dessert, so ideally you leave room for some sweet tasting pastry, after your main meal! The Sharma Imqaret is specially prepared in-house with our own special touches of spices wrapped among dates, stuffed into a deep-fried filo pastry pocket. Served hot, the crunch of the Imqaret is the perfect contrast to the smooth cold side serving of ice-cream.

Sharma’s Dessert Recommendations!

If you’re still undecided on what to try and want to adventure into a new dessert, we highly recommend either the Imqaret (after all, you mustn’t leave Malta without trying our traditional food!) or the Oriental Sweets; these two desserts are our most popular choices on the Sharma menu.

Hope you enjoyed reading about our homemade ethnic desserts. We look forward to receiving your order soon!

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