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While the Sharma restaurant may be known for our Indian Cuisine, we have a diverse and curated menu, including Arabian, low carb, and Mediterranean dishes. We believe our dishes complement each other well, and pride ourselves in providing a menu for our customers that even the pickiest eaters can satisfy their cravings from.

What is Mediterranean Cuisine?

Mediterranean cuisine includes olive oil, fresh fruits and vegetables, protein-rich legumes, fish and whole grains with moderate amounts of wine and red meat. The countries that are usually associated with Mediterranean cuisine include Spain, Italy, Greece, Egypt, Turkey and Syria, and of course, Malta, among many others. This guide will be ideal for a tourist or new resident of Malta, to get a feel of what Mediterranean cuisine really is. Unlike Indian and Arabian cuisine, which is not very common in Malta, Mediterranean dishes is popular and a staple in our region.

Mediterranean APPETIZERS

We have two mouth-watering Mediterranean appetizers to pick from; Pulpetti tal-hut, and Purpu-frittu.
Pulpetti tal-hut, also known as Maltese fish cakes, are delicious Pan fried white bait pancakes, cooked in hot sauce and butter. Freshly cooked in our kitchen, these fish cakes are absolutely delectable, and a must-try for sea food lovers!


Next up we have the Purpu-frittu, another dish that is ideal for lovers of seafood. Made by frying octopus in a marinade of olive oil, crushed garlic, and parsley, this dish is not for the weak hearted, but it is indeed delicious!

Mediterranean MAINS

Among our Main courses we have Fenek Malti, Bragjoli, grilled fish, octopus stew, and Petto di Pollo al Limone.
Fenek Malti is made with the hind legs of a rabbit. Cut into three pieces, and marinated in a delectable fusion of wine, garlic, onions and rosemary, it is then baked to perfection and served fresh, and hot from the kitchen.


Next up we have Bragioli, another Maltese specialty, that comprises of breadcrumbs, cheese, and fresh top of the line black olives rolled in thin slices of beef. This dish is now made with a tone of variations, but the recipe used here at Sharma cuisine is one of our favorites.

Grilled Fish

Like most Mediterranean dishes, our Grilled Fish is seasoned with olive oil and garlic, simple, yet delicious.

Octopus Stew

Our octopus stew is served in a tomato sauce with a Asecret blend of Mediterranean spices, a finger-licking dish for those who have a flare for sea food.

Mediterranean SIDE DISHES

We have two simple side dishes to accompany the elaborate main dishes we offer within our Mediterranean menu. These include our Sharma special fries, and our steamed vegetables. Both are offered with a twist; the fries are coated in breadcrumbs and eggs before being deep fried, and the special vegetables are provided with a special white sauce. Both side dishes pair wonderfully with the main courses suggested above.

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