5 Traditional Maltese Dishes YOU OUGHT TO TRY AT SHARMA!

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Traditional Maltese Dishes Offered By Sharma

At Sharma, we offer Indian and Arabian cuisine for takeaway and delivery, along with a selection of authentic Maltese dishes that capture the island’s unique flavors and culture. Our menu is expertly prepared with fresh ingredients and a high level of care to ensure a memorable culinary experience. Don’t miss out, order from Sharma today.

There are some national favourite dishes that we simply have to include on our menu and we couldn’t call ourselves a Maltese restaurant if we didn’t offer these. But we have also chosen a couple of our favourites and put our own special Sharma stamp on them. All of our dishes are cooked fresh in our kitchen with local Maltese produce.

Maltese Rabbit, Bragjoli & Aljotta!

1. Fenek Malti (Maltese Rabbit)

This is probably the most popular meal in Malta, and we even serve it at Christmas time. Fenek Malti will be the dish that everyone remembers their mother and grandmother cooking for their family meals. It’s definitely a comfort food. The cooking methods for this delicious stew can vary greatly. At Sharma, we use tender rabbit hind leg, and marinate it in wine, garlic, onions and fresh garden rosemary before we bake it in the oven. Our Sharma special fries are the ideal side dish for dipping in to your stew.

2. Bragjoli

Bragjoli is another hearty home-cooked dish, that could be compared to the Sunday roast or beef wellington of the UK. It is made with thinly sliced sides of beef rolled around a delicious and filling mixture of breadcrumbs, parmesan cheese, black olives and basil. The mixture of flavours and textures is like nothing else. We recommend choosing a nice red wine from our wine list to make the most of this dish.

3. Aljotta

Aljotta is a dish that makes the most of the Malta’s island location. It’s a traditional fish soup, that can be made from even the smallest of fish. Traditionally Aljotta was eaten at lent when meat was banned from the Christian diet. The food critic of The Times of Malta measures the quality of food at a new restaurant based on how well they cook their Aljotta dish! You’ll find ours is made with fresh fish and fresh mint, and we’re very proud of it.

And More!

4. Pasta Maltija

The traditional Maltese pasta dish is best when the pasta itself is home-made – as is ours. Fresh pasta tastes so much better than dried pasta. The best way to serve it is with locally made Maltese sausage and fresh herbs, in a light sauce. This is a great dish for younger guests or those with a smaller appetite or less adventurous palate.

5. Imqaret

You can’t travel far in Malta without seeing Imqaret for sale. It’s a delicious snack that is also a great accompaniment to coffee at the end of your meal. Stuffed with dates and fennel in a crispy filo pastry, they work well any time of the day! We add a little sweet scoop of ice cream to ours to turn them into a full dessert.

Of course, there are more than 5 reasons to visit Sharma for a meal, but we’re sure this list has got your taste buds tingling and your mouth watering, so we looking forward to seeing you soon!

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