5 Dishes You Ought to Try at Sharma Ethnic Cuisines

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Sharma Ethnic Cuisines is the perfect choice for anyone looking to order food by choosing from a variety of different foods. This restaurant is a perfect representation of rich cultural values and mouthwatering food.

Sharma Ethnic Cuisines believes in creating an environment that complements the joy and happiness people want to share when they order in. With the wide range of options available in the menu, nobody can resist their cravings and endure to stop themselves to peak into their delectable cuisine options.

Mostly, people eat out quite often, and we have managed to collect some feedback on the dishes that are appetizing, and if you are a food lover, there is no way you can miss these delish dishes.


Indian dishes are famous for their perfect blend of spices, and these fantastic dishes are nothing less than a representation of pure Indian cuisine. This mouthwatering platter is for 2 persons and includes 4 spicy chicken tikkas, 4 scrumptious Sheekh Kebab & 4 Haryali Tikka. The most striking thing this that this fabulous dish can be enjoyed just in €22.95.


When you talk about Indian food, there is no way you miss out on the fish. Sharma Ethnic Cuisines is paving its way to presenting the most yummy-luscious pieces of fish (perch). These fish pieces are marinated with the most tingling and exciting spices and yogurt and are cooked in a tandoori oven to give it a refined taste. Moreover, it is served on a sizzler, which makes it even better to eat. Plus, this amazing dish is available in jut €12.95.


Are you a meat lover? Well, this one is for you! This delicious cuisine comes with a custom choice of the lamb of chicken. Once the customer makes this choice, our restaurant cooks cook it with the garden vegetables blended with the delicate Arabian spices. It is served on the bed of couscous and is priced at just €18.95.


This is one more dish for meat lovers excited to order in for their exquisite menu. It is also available in just €18.95, but the variation of onions and Arabian spices makes it more delightful to have. It also includes chickpeas and is served on a bed of couscous.


Chicken can be one of the pleasing choices when you are chasing up for luscious food. We provide this Chicken Tagine which the food lovers would want to have. A Chicken leg that is cooked with onions and potatoes and is in the clay tagine. You will have to give around 40 minutes to get ready and then enjoy the most fantastic dish of all time, just in €17.95.


You have come across the most delicious dishes at the Sharma Ethnic Cuisines that you ought to try. These dishes are prepared with a passion for giving you the most memorable experience of your life, so yes, it is always worth trying!

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