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Why Sharma Is The Ideal Mother’s Day Restaurant

Sharma is perfect for a family gathering celebration on Mother’s Day for many reasons! It is not just the vast tempting menu to please all tastes, or the beautiful terrace with the Marina view, or the eclectic ambiance inside…there is more to it than just that, making it the perfect Mother’s Day Restaurant.

If you like to treat your Mum each Mother’s Day to lunch or dinner, then you are probably looking for somewhere new and different each time to please everyone in the family. A Mother’s Day lunch or dinner should be relaxed, refreshing and a chance to spend quality time together. Sharma is the ideal Mother’s Day Restaurant, offering a range of ethnic cuisines that will impress your Mum or Mother-in-law, and even your grandparents too.


Adventurous Indian, Arabian Or Mild Mediterranean Dishes

It doesn’t matter if you love a freshly cooked spicy curry but your elderly parents prefer something a little less adventurous and more familiar, because at Sharma we have three different world cuisines to choose from. Feel free to go through our menu online! We have some amazing classic Mediterranean dishes including seafood, game and meat stews; we have Arabian kebabs and koftah and a good selection of grills; and we have a fantastic Indian curry menu. Each cuisine is accompanied by a menu of its own appetizers and desserts too, so if you don’t try something new for the main meal, you could try something a little different in the closing course.

The great thing about having a mix of cuisines available under one roof is that it creates a very sociable dining experience. You can all order a dish you know you’d like or indulge in a sharing platter and let your family try something new. Perhaps your Mum has never tried Tandoori, or your father won’t dare to change his dessert – then you can have fun with some new dishes whilst encouraging and engaging with each other, creating happy memories on this special day.

Ideal For Lunch Or Dinner, Inside & Outside

Sharma is open from midday to midnight, so whether you’re looking to have an early lunch, late lunch or an evening dinner followed by drinks together as a family, we are an ideal choice. We have an extensive wine list, or you’re welcome to bring something special from your personal collection for a small corkage fee.

Our evenings are filled with live entertainment that enhances the culture of our cuisine. Some nights we have a sitar player, sometimes glorious guitar or classical harp music, sometimes delightful belly dancers! Sharma love to create a great atmosphere all year round and an evening dinner at Sharma is a very enjoyable and unique night out.

We have 200 seats in the restaurant, half of these are outside on our wonderful sun-soaked terrace, ideal for getting some fresh air and enjoying the views across the marina and watching the boats role in and out. We guarantee a peaceful meal; our restaurant is popular with couples and mature families looking for somewhere to quietly relax and take in the views whilst enjoying good food.

Inside, out of the sun, our eclectic interior will set the scene to accompany your Arabian, Indian or Mediterranean food. You will be surrounded by warm colours, inspiring patterns, comfortable seating and a range of different textures reflecting the oriental traditions of the East. View a virtual tour of our eclectic interior and exterior terrace to get an idea!

Treat your Mum with the special taste of Sharma – Mother’s Day is a great excuse indeed! But why not spoil her any time of year?

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