Why Sharma Is The Best Place To Eat For Muslim Tourists

Why Sharma Is The Best Place To Eat For Muslim Tourists

Malta, a beautiful island in the Mediterranean has a total population of about 443,000, of which the Muhammadan or Muslim community accounts for less than 2% of the total population. This makes it achingly difficult to find restaurants that serve Halal food.

Want to enjoy one of the best traditional Maltese restaurants? We are one of the few Halal restaurants in Malta. Like some Halal restaurants in Malta, the number of Maltese mosques is limited. In Malta, there are a total of only five mosques where the Islamic community can practice their religion.

Before we can go into why Sharma is the best place that has Halal food available in Malta, it’s crucial to understand what exactly Halal food is and what are some of the guidelines that must be followed to ensure that food is halal.

The Meaning Of Halal

Halal means “permissible” in Arabic. Halal foods are foods that comply with Islamic law as described in the Muslim scripture). Well known for serving Halal dishes to Maltese guests, it offers a variety of dishes.

How Does Sharma Make Sure That Its Food Meets Halal Standards?

The way meat is obtained is very important. Animals slaughtered according to strict Islamic rules is the only way to ensure that food is Halal. Not only does the meat itself need to be halal, but it also needs other animal by-products, for example; gelatin. 

Some well-known examples of prohibited foods and drinks are alcoholic beverages such as wine, beer, and gin and meat such as pork.

Sharma is one of Malta’s few halal food locations that respect the Islamic tradition. The kitchen isn’t the only place where our halal practice is ensured but also the interior of the restaurant. Bottles of alohol are kept away from the public eye. Unlike other Halal places to eat in Malta, which openly display everything at the bar. Although the number of halal restaurants in Malta has increased over few years, Sharma has maintained its quality and taste for the past decade; thus, making it one of the safest choices to eat at.

Halal Food Delivery

Instead of searching for “Home delivery food near me” and getting bland and unsatisfactory results, you can visit Sharma’s own website to order some of the most refreshing and exotic halal food that Malta has to offer. Wolt, Bolt and Time to EatMalta all feature Sharma. In addition to ordering online, you can also book your preferred time zone with the tap of your finger. Booking and ordering online have never been faster and easier than ever, but now it’s possible on Sharma’s website. What’s more, anyone can scrumptious halal food of Sharma on the go by opting for pickup.


To sum up, Sharma is your one-stop solution for all your halal needs in Malta. Even if you want to relish Arabian goodness or the flavours of Malta and the Mediterranean from the comfort of your home. To taste all the delightful and delicious halal food, you can get Local Food Delivery in Malta from our website. Still unsure? Sharma provides way more cuisine than the ones mentioned here, take a look through our menu to satisfy any craving you have for foreign cuisine!

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