Why Sharma is the best place to Dine Out in Malta

Halal food in Malta

There’s no doubt that wanting to have a scrumptious meal with a rejuvenating view is exactly how we all want to spend our weekends to refresh our minds and body for the coming onslaught of the working week to bring and you often search online for restaurants open near you

 Malta, being one of the beautiful islands in the Mediterranean has a lot of beautiful sights to offer if you’re looking to lay back and unwind.  

Of course, the food in Malta is exquisite, too. Malta features a variety of traditional Mediterranean cuisine with remnants of Arabian food brought over by traders and conquerors. 

Now, if you’re looking for a filling, exotic and savoury bite to eat whilst having an impeccable view, and if you’re looking at a weekend of dining out in Malta, Sharma is the best place to go, and here’s why:

Excellent Venue 

Sharma Ethnic Cuisines was originally established in Mdina in 2011. The charm of Mdina helped us build the brand name Sharma as a restaurant became very much in demand in a very short time. However, we felt it was time to move to a more centrally located venue, which is more easily reached by tourists and Maltese clients alike. That is why in 2017 we decided to change location and move the restaurant to Portomaso Marina in St. Julian’s. Making it one of the best places to dine out in St. Julians

The interior décor is eclectic, with splashes of colour and patterns throughout, beautiful rugs, silver ornaments and warm lighting to reflect Oriental traditions.

Our outdoor dining features a beautiful dock by the sea-side, giving you the glimpse of natural beauty that you long for while having a hearty meal. 

Exotic and Heartwarming Meals

Sharma features some of the best Indian, Arabic and Mediterranean food in Malta. Serving beloved classics such as the tongue-sizzling Biryani, bringing its aromatic spices and zestiness straight from India and the traditional, sweet and savoury, date-filled Imqaret. 

Sharma also features traditional Maltese dishes like the Aljotta, which is a typical Maltese fresh fish soup made from a variety of pieces of fresh fish topped with dried mint. The Pulpetti Tal-Hut, being a Maltese fish (Perch) fritters with dry mint and the Fenek Malti which is Rabbit hind leg cut into 3 pieces, marinated in wine, garlic, onions and rosemary, baked in the oven to perfection. 

Sharma’s range of Arabian cuisine is to die for as well. Dishes like the beloved Couscous salad, the marvellous Mahshe and Embattan all make an appearance. 


If you truly want to sit back, relax and take in some of the best sights while enjoying a hearty yet exotic meal, Sharma is the best place to go.

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