Live Entertainment ON SUMMER EVENINGS

Arabian Restaurant

Live Music – Harp, Flutes & Guitars!

A visit to Sharma restaurant isn’t just about enjoying great Indian, Arabian and Mediterranean food; it’s a whole eating experience and every Summer evening you can enjoy complimentary live entertainment!

Each night we have a different choice of music to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in the restaurant, and to stir up some romance too. We are friends with some of the greatest musicians in Malta and are able to provide a range of classical music entertainment, for different moods every night of the week. Our classical music nights have included the romantic harp music of Lydia Buttigieg, flutes by George Attard and Piano by Clifford Borg. To get a feel for the many different talents of our musical friends, why not have a look through the videos on our Facebook page.

One of our popular classical acoustic guitarists is Mark Rapa who provides a fantastic soundtrack to your dinner with friends, family or a romantic partner, setting a sumptuous mood to eat and drink to.

Whether you’re just visiting Malta on holiday or are looking for a different night out, you will definitely take away happy memories from a musical evening at Sharma.

Delightful Dancing At Sharma

Our more energetic nights include thrilling live entertainment dancing from belly dancers to accompany our Arabian and Eastern menu to really help you feel like you’re in the moment with us.

Belly dancing is an energetic and expressive style of dancing that includes beautiful bright costumes, and has been very popular in Egypt, Turkey and Lebanon since the 18th century. This kind of dancing was a popular form of entertainment for the Ottoman Empire. Interestingly there are reports of belly dancing in Spain as early as the 11th Century B.C.!

So, step back in time at Sharma and shimmy along with our alluring belly dancers as you enjoy our delicious Arabian food.

Special Indian Sitar Evenings

It’s only fitting that as the “best Indian restaurant in Malta” we also offer the best and most traditional Indian music too, to entertain you during your dinner.

The unmistakable and mesmerizing sound of the Sitar in addition to the aroma of Indian food cooking in our restaurant will instantly transport you to India. The three-stringed solo instrument has been very popular since the 16th Century but more so in modern culture as it was regularly used in pop music of the 1960s and 1970s by bands like the Beatles and The Rolling Stones. Our Sharma Sitar players will entertain you with a diverse mix of modern Sitar music and more classical Hindustani music.

If you would like to plan your trip to Sharma in line with your favourite choice of music, for example if you’re planning an Indian night that you’d love to enjoy with our Sitar players, or want to experience the exuberant belly dancers with your dinner, then call us and we can let you know which entertainers we are going to enjoy over the coming weeks to help you book the best table to be close to all the action!

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