Eat Halal, Eat at Sharma

Eat Halal, Eat at Sharma

Malta has a total population of about 443,000, of which the Islamic community accounts for less than 2% of the total population. This makes it very difficult to find the location of Halal food in Malta.

If you, as a Muslim want eating out in Malta, we are one of the few Halal restaurants in Malta and are loved by the majority of other religions. Like some Halal restaurants in Malta, the number of Maltese mosques is limited. In Malta, there are only five mosques where the Islamic community can practice their religion.

What Is Halal Food?

Halal means “permissible” in Arabic. Halal foods are foods that comply with Islamic law as described in the Holy Qur’an (a Muslim scripture). Well known for serving Halal dishes to Maltese guests, it offers a variety of dishes. Sharma lovers can choose from Arabian, Best Indian food in Malta and Mediterranean cuisine. Our kitchen has its own specialities, which we make every day so that you can enjoy each bite. Maltese love Sharma’s Indian buffet. Every Friday and Saturday is entirely in-house. Book before your arrival to enjoy the best Halal cuisine in Malta with breathtaking views and exemplary service.

How Does Sharma Ensure Its Food Is Halal?

The way meat is produced is very important. Halal meat is only available from animals slaughtered according to strict Islamic rules. Not only does the meat itself need to be halal, but it also needs other animal by-products such as gelatin and broth.

Here are certain foods that are halal (prohibited by Islamic law) that are not allowed to be eaten by Muslim practitioners. Many of these foods, including alcohol and lard, are banned due to their low nutritional value. And perhaps the best-known halal foods are pork and bacon.

Sharma is one of Malta’s few halal food locations that respect the Islamic tradition. Our halal practice is limited not only to the kitchen but also to the interior of the restaurant. Unlike most Halal facilities in Malta that openly display everything at the bar, bottles of alcohol and liquor are kept secretly away from the general public. Although the number of halal restaurants in Malta has increased significantly in the last few years, Sharma has been able to maintain its quality and taste for the past decade. This is the safest choice to eat in Malta.

Apart from providing a quality dining experience, Sharma can trust to order Halal food in Malta through her website.

Does Sharma Offer Dine-In And Online Ordering?

To get halal food available in Malta, you can visit Sharma’s own website Sharma can also be found in various applications such as Wolt, Bolt and Time to EatMalta. In addition to ordering online, you can also book your preferred time zone with the tap of your finger. Booking and ordering online has never been faster and easier than ever, but now it’s possible on Sharma’s website. What’s more, after a long day at work, anyone can get the goodness of Sharma on the go by simply choosing a pickup truck on their way home.

To order halal food in Malta, please visit Sharma’s own website. You may be wondering what makes Sharma one of the best halal places in Malta, why? First of all, Sharma can accommodate up to 200 people at a time and is evenly divided into indoor and outdoor spaces. The interior is vibrant with patterns, nice-looking carpets, silver trimmings and cosy warm lighting that reflects oriental traditions.  The outdoor seating arrangement is very refreshing. You can enjoy a fulfilling meal while enjoying the view of Portomaso and caressing your gorgeous skin with a cool breeze. On days when you want to look good, take your best clothes and head to Sharma.

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