All You Need to Know About Food Delivery in Malta

All You Need to Know About Food Delivery in Malta

When it comes to food delivery, a good app or website can make all the difference. We have compiled a list of such online food delivery options which you can use, whether you are a local or a tourist, for ordering food in Malta.

1.   Wolt Malta

When Wolt first appeared in Malta, it was thought that it was a rip-off from Bolt Malta (a very similar name). However, people quickly realized that it was actually a large chain available in many countries and now available throughout Malta.

Like Bolt Food, the Wolt app offers food delivery from various restaurants and cafes in Malta. The app is very easy to use and allows you to search for specific items or categories. You can also use this app to order beverages from available restaurants. Bolt Food and Wolt are very similar in terms of apps and services, but there are some differences. Bolt is also a taxi and scooter company, but Wolt only delivers food, drinks, and groceries. Also, Wolt is a large company that is available in many other countries.

People generally like Wolt because, in terms of the user interface, the app is better and easier to navigate. It’s also a plus that Wolt offers discount codes and recommendations.

2.   Delivify

Delivify is another app available for food delivery in Malta. It’s not that big, but people usually download it for one simple reason. Delivify is the first food delivery service in Malta that offers to deliver food from their favorite restaurants which were usually not available on apps in the past.

For example, KuYa is now also available on Bolt Food but was initially exclusive to Delivify. Delivify Malta makes it easy to order delivery from KuYa and many other great restaurants right from your phone. The list of available restaurants and shops isn’t as extensive as Bolt or Wolt, and the app isn’t as user-friendly. But people usually rank Delivify among the top 5 online food ordering services in Malta.

3.   Time to Eat Malta

Before all the apps mentioned above, Time to Eat was the first Maltese delivery service that people used to get groceries delivered. While not as user-friendly and modern as Wolt or Bolt, the app and website still exist and are a popular choice among the locals.

When ordering from Time to Eat Malta, you can choose to order through their website or mobile app. For both, you can choose between credit card payment or cash on delivery.

People generally prefer using the website as it’s easier to navigate than the app (which is a bit dated). You can order both takeout and delivery and see what restaurants are available in your area. In addition to websites and apps that offer delivery from various restaurants, there are also some great places to order directly from.

4.   DineOut Malta

Like the other websites and apps that we have discussed above, DineOut Malta is a service that enables users to remotely navigate the restaurants in Malta and pick their choice. Be it fast food, fine dining, or even the best Indian food Malta has, DineOut has information regarding all sorts of restaurants.

But that is not all! DineOut also provides special offers that users can make use of if they regularly visit DineOut’s website which they keep updating. In addition, they also provide users with the option to provide unique dining gifts in the form of restaurant experiences in one of DineOut’s handpicked restaurants. DineOut also has a frequent diner rewards program through which they reward people who use their app frequently with special offers and discounts.

5.   Pizza Hut and Domino’s Malta

Who doesn’t love a crispy and cheesy Italian thin-crust pizza? But sometimes one also craves a good old thick-crust pizza to get all the nostalgic feelings. That is where Pizza Hut and Domino’s Pizza come in!

Pizza Hut in Malta has a user-friendly and easy-to-use website where you can order takeout or get pizza delivered from local ‘huts’. That is not all, you can also register an account to earn loyalty points that you can use to order pizza the next time you call some friends over or just crave some pizza for a solo evening.

Domino’s in Malta is not as old as Pizza Hut but it has quickly gained popularity in recent years. Several branches of this chain are located in central, south, and north Malta. It is very convenient to get pizza delivered to your doorstep – it is all at your fingertip. All you have to do is check out the menu and deals on Domino’s website, choose what you want to order, order directly on their website and follow the ordering process while you wait for your delicious pizza.

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